Two debates on coronavirus in Brazil will gather professionals from several cities this Friday

Three residents of cities from the state of Rio de Janeiro’s metropolitan area and from the countryside, as well as four residents from other state capitals, are the invited guests for the next two virtual webinars about the book ‘Coronavirus and the cities in Brazil: reflections during the pandemic’. The seven residents are the authors of the work, organized by the author Leila Marques, who is responsible for the online meetings. Both meetings will take place next Friday, June 5th, 2020), respectively at 4:00 PM and 5:10 PM. The book launch and the series of debates are part of  Rio World Capital of Architecture (RWCA) official calendar.

All the invited guests are architects and urban planners and the subject, according to Leila, will be extended to other Brazilian cities, which suffer from similar problems, although with its own characteristics. The architect and urban planner Vicente Loureiro, a member of Agetransp’s board, is one of the participants of the first round table at 4:00 PM.  

-He is an urban chronicler from the City of Nova Iguaçu, in the region call  Baixada Fluminense, who has already held many positions in the public administration and will speak about his hope on windows and balconies, essential in this crisis. -, states Leila

Another invited guest is Professor Glauco Bienenstein, from the Federal Fluminense University (UFF, in Niterói), who signs, in the book, an article with his sister, Regina Bienenstein and Daniel Mendes, focused on the possible disaster, regarding the case of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. This meeting will be concluded with Professor Isabel Rocha, from Barra do Piraí, in the South of the State of Rio, who associate the aggravation of the crisis to the urbanization history of our cities.

At the 5:10 Pm event, Leila Marques welcomes Eleonora Mascia, from Salvador (Bahia), President of the National Federation of Architects and Urban Planners (FNA), who will talk about the right to the city and to health; Ruskin Freitas, Professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) who signed, along with Jaucele Azeredo, an article on Bioclimatism in the fight against the dissemination of COVID-19; Shirley Dantas, who, among other positions, is the former Director of Social Assistance Planning in Aracaju’s City Hall, who will talk about Aracaju’s socio-spatial vulnerability; and, to conclude this discussion, Nabil Bonduki, Professor at São Paulo University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU-USP) who, among other positions, was the Secretary of Culture and member of São Paulo’s City Council. He will discuss old and new urban challenges.

Crisis diagnosis: The first round of presentations took place on May 29th with the author’s members of the Architecture and Urban Planning Council (CAU RJ). They held a panel on, what they called, crisis diagnosis in the City of Rio de Janeiro. It is still possible to watch the recorded meeting by accessing the following link: 

One of the main focus was the fact that the city of Rio de Janeiro, even after many urban plans, did not contemplate the urgent need for decent housing for an urban population that was growing a lot, at the beginning of the last century until the turn of the XXI century. Another subject that was widely discussed was tourism as the most affected industry by the pandemic, not only in Rio de Janeiro but also in other urban centers around the world.

The discussions flow without a technical language, which attracts architects and urban planners, as much as other segments, that can make comments and ask questions at the moment during the transmission.  

In the 4th round of discussions, expected to happen at the end of next week, the invited guests are authors who addressed questions related to the pandemics that specifically affect women. The schedule, however, is not set yet.

The debates take place at ‘Arquitetura em Movimento Debates’ youtube page, where all the recorded meetings will be available at the end of the discussion rounds.

Compilation of texts: The book is a compilation of 33 texts from 40 authors, masters, and Ph.D.s in planning and other urban planning related issues, who address the situation of the Brazilian cities facing the new coronavirus crisis and the need for social distancing.

 – The conversation about themes addressed by the authors in our book is much more than a simple promotion of the work. It is an opportunity for the authors to clarify their reflections, add to their ideas, exchange experiences, receive new information from colleges, and exchange with the questions coming from the audience -, explains Leila Marques.

The book ‘Coronavirus and the cities in Brazil: reflections during the pandemic’, 204 pages, costs R$ 20,00 (the e-book version) and the printed version (shipping included) costs  R$ 45,00. It is available for purchase on the following websites: 

Amazon: Printed version e E-book 

Kobo: E-book : 

Outras Letras Publishing company: Printed version 

Direct access to Friday’s events (June 5th,2020 ):

04:00 PM (debate with authors from cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro) – – whoever who is in this event and wants to be in the second one, does not even need to move to another webpage)

05:10 PM authors from cities in Brazil –

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