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The time is now. The City of Rio de Janeiro is being redesigned by specialists with direct participation by the population. All citizens can contribute and give their opinion. This Thursday (05/14), at 10am, the second virtual meeting of the series of five will be held in order to discuss challenges and solutions for the city. The event is part of the project ‘Dialogues for 2030: Preparing the City of Rio for the Future’, and provides for planning for the next 10 years. The themes are aligned with the Rio Capital Mundial de Arquitectura because it includes proposals for the future of urban spaces.

This time, the discussions will be about Longevity and Well-being for Sustainable Development. The participation of the population is essential. They form the virtual debate table Rubens Filho, journalist and communication coordinator at Instituto Trat Brasil; Daniel Vilella, researcher at Fiocruz and professor of Epidemiology and Computational Biology; Paulo Saldiva, professor at USP and researcher on respiratory diseases and environmental health; Mónica Guerra, architect, master in urban planning and management and founder of Comida do Amanhã.

– Longevity and well-being are transversal axes of the PDS. They have a strong relationship with the 2030 agenda of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by providing better health conditions for all, with a focus on improving several indicators so important for the city and the citizen. Environmental conditions, such as the reduction of air and water pollution, are placed in this context and will be addressed as well as the fight against the pandemic, that is, issues closely linked to a city with more well-being -, explains Daniel Mancebo, general coordinator of the Planning Office.

The seminars are promoted by the City of Rio de Janeiro, through the Municipal Secretary of the Civil House. On five consecutive Thursdays, always at 10 am, the guests are discussing with the population themes related to the Sustainable Development Plan of Rio, prepared by the Planning Office of the Secretariat for Planning and Monitoring the Results of the Civil House, in partnership with the Program United Nations for Human Settlements, UN Habitat, and with MultiRio, the Municipal Multi-Media Company of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

The meetings are broadcast on MultiRio’s YouTube channel and the Planning Office (see at the end) and the population can interact.

Related topics

Participating in academic meetings, representatives of research institutes and non-governmental organizations, as well as managers from different areas of the public sector. The guests of the first virtual meeting, last Thursday (07/05) were: Claudio Acioly Jr. (GIZ – German International Cooperation Agency); Paulo Jannuzzi (IBGE); Rayne Moraes (UN-Habitat); and Roberto Medronho (UFRJ). The exchange of ideas was on ‘The 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development’. They highlighted the current highly impactful moment due to the serious pandemic facing the world and the importance of discussing sustainability, rethinking life in society, consumption and planning strategy.

Wave 4 of online participation in the PDS is open to suggestions and opinions from the population. Here’s how to get involved:

Themes and dates:

May 14

Longevity and Well-being for Sustainable Development 

May 21

Equality and Equity for Sustainable Development

May 28

Cooperation and Peace for Sustainable Development 

June 4

Challenges of Financing and Transformations of Public Management How to access to participate in the next meeting:

Date: May 14, 2020, Thursday. Time: 10am.


Multirio’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MULTIRIOSME


Youtube of the Planning Office: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoaLuDIKvNgKoNlEII1qQjA

The population can also contribute to the construction of the plan through the Participa.Rio platform. (http://participario-pcrj.hub.arcgis.com/).

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