João Uchôa shares, in a book, 30 years of architecture, art and hard work

João Uchôa Ciclo Arquitetura

In the last 30 years, authorial architecture has been the great companion to João Uchôa’s life. At the head of the office ​Ciclo Arquitetura​, he signed projects that became famous, such as Rock in Rio’s main stages and structures, ​Cidade do Samba​, Rio’s Biopark (former Riozoo), ​Bar do Zeca​, ​Flamengo​’s Training Center, ​Le Canton Hotel, and more. They are scenarios and buildings that helped change the urban landscape in different cities and public spaces. This professional trajectory is now told in a book, bringing together autobiographical excerpts and tips to young architects. The book launch, on June 16th, is one of the events that are part of the Rio World Capital of Architecture’s calendar.

Two live streamings are expected in the book launching schedule. The first one will happen this Thursday (June,11th ), at 7 PM, featuring the author and his daughter, Joana Uchôa, who is responsible for the book illustrations. On Monday, on the day of the book launch, João Uchôa will make a presentation on the work, also at 7 PM.

“A.P.11” – Architecture, art, and hard work, shows the profession’s pain and delight. The chapters can be read independently,​ without affecting the whole content​. The work will be initially available in an ebook version at Amazon platforms, sponsored by Estácio and Rock in Rio and supported by the Culture Incentive Law, from the Special Secretariat of Culture.

Since he was 5 years old, Uchôa painted pictures. At 9 years old he promoted an exhibit with 45 oil paintings, during his young years he dedicated himself to surf, fashion, and theater. During six years, he was an artistic director at ​TV Búzios and ​Radio Búzios FM​. Back in Rio, in the beginning of the nineties, the nephew of Estácio Higher Education Institute’s founder joined the family tradition in education, leaving his legacy in the company, where he established a communication core and the Estacio’s College of Cinematic Arts, in Rio de Janeiro.

 Cover and back cover of the book
Cover and back cover of the book, which has a presentation by Roberto Medina

The book title is a reference to Architecture Project (A.P), one of the courses of the university’s program. The program has 10 consecutive semesters. Therefore, the 11th semester refers to the one that follows the academic degree. The book is rich in images of innovative projects and ventures. Uchoa shares stories and remembers remarkable passages through fashion and journalism, which, according to him, gave him a broader view of architecture. However, the mains focus is the development of projects where creativity, boldness, and respect to the environment are the basis.

“It is not an ornamental book. I present practical content and real stories that I consider fundamental to the formation of a professional for this market”, explains Uchôa.

“A.P. 11” has the preface by Roberto Medina, president of Rock in Rio, and Fernando Wrobel, president of Wrobel Construction Company. Along with Medina, he signed the design project for the Rock in Rio stages​Mundo,​ Sunset, and Favela, as well as the Rock Street and the Rock District. In 2016, upon request of the businessman, he designed a giant leaf that floated over the ​Negro​ River during the Amazon Live Festival, besides a stage for Ivete Sangalo and Placido Domingo.

“João combines the architect’s vision with the designer and the creator’s imagination. The streets of Rock in Rio are the portrayal of our partnership. He is not only a creative person who provides services for Rock in Rio but an important part of the business”, states Medina at the preface.

Giant leaf that floated over the Rio Negro
Giant leaf that floated over the Rio Negro during the Amazon Live – Uchôa’s project

The book is destined to students and architects who are beginning their careers, but also to entrepreneurs and people associated with urban planning, design, Art History, sustainability, rock and culture in general.

“It is an easy book with a lot of content for the ones who like to work, and for those who have not yet found its delight”, summarizes the author.

In quarantine times, João Uchôa’s work at ​Ciclo Arquitetura​ remains in full swing. He and his team are simultaneously dedicated to several projects. The crisis is the opportunity for strong and optimistic ones. I don’t leave space for laments. The hardships test our capacity to search for better and more creative solutions”, he tips off.

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