1st City, Favela and Heritage Forum programming starts on Thursday with virtual meeting of working groups

The 1st Meeting of Working Groups (WGs) starts on Thursday (April,16th), at 6:30 pm, one of  the stages of the 1st City, Favela and Heritage Forum, which is part of Rio World Capital of Architecture calendar. The objective is to identify paths and to strengthen initiatives for the collective building  of new understandings about the favela, its heritage and sustainable urban development. Due to recommended social distance to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic, the agenda was changed and the event was adapted. And now, it goes ahead in full force.

– Given what is already considered one of the worst crises that the world has ever faced, me, Alini Rangel and Márcia Souza, who developed the program, had a conviction: despite all the difficulties and because of them, the time was not to retreat, but to continue. Once the decision to maintain the Forum in September was made, it was necessary, therefore, to reorganize the WGs. The solution came through technology -, explains the historian Renata Santos, one of the creators of the project.

The 1st WGs of the project, which resulted from the partnership between Contemporânea (a research and social development agency) and the Favela Museum (MUF), will be carried out by using  the Zoom platform. After the presentation of the groups, the link to watch each one of them will be published so that the interested stakeholders  can take part of it. The groups are divided into four themes: memory and culture; diversity and mixture; sustainable urban development and public policies. 

After the work done in April 16th, new plans will be drawn up for proposals development to be presented at the City, Favela and Heritage Forum, scheduled for September. It is expected that three days of panels, conferences and cultural presentations will result in collective proposals and deliberations, aiming at the articulation of effective and inclusive public policies. 

The meeting will be open to all those interested in reflecting upon the relationship between the city and the favela through the heritage bias. Renata Santos believes that, with the pandemic, the 1st City, Favela and Heritage Forum gained a new dimension, an emergency one: -In spite of the fact that the coronavirus does not distinguish between social classes, the lack of infrastructure faced by the communities and peripheries of the city makes these places more susceptible to the effects of the pandemic. Although the attentions will naturally turn to health and economy, it is not possible to neglect the social and cultural impacts of this crisis. The solution, still uncertain, involves the union of all -, she explains. 

Alini Rangel, CEO of MUF, reinforces Renata’s comment. For her, the pandemic increased the forum’s responsibility:

– It is not possible to rethink the city with exclusion. We deal with unification. 

Service: 1st  Virtual Meeting of WGs Special Edition via Zoom Date: April 16th Time: 6:30 pm Access: https://zoom.us/j/731739254?pwd=OXRUZ3hsNnV6WWtIRm04YWRibl FwQT09 Meeting ID: 731 739 254 Password: 003782. 

Rio World Capital of Architecture

Rio de Janeiro is the first World Capital of Architecture, an unprecedented title conquered by the City of Rio and the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB) and granted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Union of Architects (UIA). Throughout the year 2020, the city will host a series of events, including the 27th World Congress of Architects, exhibitions and public tenders, postponed to July 18th to 22nd, 2021, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world. In addition to showing the world the architectural richness of Rio, this title is also an opportunity to reflect on the future, to plan what is wanted for cities around the world.

27th World Congress of Architects UIA.2020.RIO

With the theme “All worlds”. One world. Architecture 21” and the public expectation of 20 thousand professionals, the 27th World Congress of Architects will transform Rio into the center of the debate on the future of the world’s cities. Promoted by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and with the organization of the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB), the event invites experts and enthusiasts of a more dynamic, fair and sustainable cities to discuss solutions initially between July 19th and 23th, 2020 (due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the world, the date has been postponed to July 18h to 22nd, 2021). The Congress also has preparatory and parallel events, such as exhibitions, seminars and workshops, which take place across the country.

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