It is with great pleasure that we open the Foresights column, a fortnightly column that will bring new features to the website. The column title shows what we expect of this new section – see from a distance, look at the future of architecture, design, cities, our lives. In this moment of so many uncertainties and many prospects, we intend to gather Brazilian and international guests to expose, from their point of view, an overview of the future of relevant topics of the universes of architecture, urbanism, landscaping, cultural heritage, and urban management, in Rio, and in other cities and countries around the world. 

Our intention to this column is to turn it into a platform of conversation with our readers, who will be able to expose their comments on the articles in the posts, just below the texts. 

To begin with, we ́ve invited the architect and urban planner Claudio Acioly Jr. specialized in housing, slum upgrading, and urban development management with over 35 years of experience acquired in more than 30 countries, where he worked with the management and execution of housing programs and urban policies at UNDP, World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNECE, ECLAC, GIZ, European Union and bilateral cooperation agencies, acting as a resident advisor or specialized consultant, providing technical advice to local and national governments, bilateral and multilateral organizations. 

In his article, “The city we want in the post-pandemic period ”, Claudio provides a broad overview of actions already taken by municipal and national governments to cease the pandemic, and also reevaluates the prevailing context of before, during and after the pandemic and the complexity involved in formulating and implementing public policies to reach sustainable, resilient, safe and inclusive cities. 

We hope you like the column and spread the word about it. Enjoy your reading!